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Effects of marijuana on the brain

Effects of marijuana on the brain
Indeed, those who smoke marijuana are typically familiar with the ‘HIGH’ feeling whenever they smoke. Yes, this is the negative effect of marijuanaon the brain. The question oddly hangs in the breeze – How does drug abuse especially Marijuana Effect the Brain? And the answer is written on the wall – the effect is in fact deadly! THC, which is indeed the active ingredient in marijuana in fact, works on the specific parts of the mind – yes these have been ideally named as the CANNABINOID RECEPTORS. Yes, this creates a whole bunch of cellular reactions, which finally creates that “high”, which you may feel whenever you smoke weed. The Cannabinoid receptors are dotted all across the brain and are typically scattered in the areas that influences the feelings such as pleasure, time, memory, and concentration. And this is exactly where the problem starts! Smoking marijuana regularly can slowly overwhelm these receptors while causing severe negative mental effects.
The million dollar question, which crops up – what are the Negative Effects of Marijuana on the Mind? The brain will work on a below normal level. Research has in fact proved it that weed use and mental problems like anxiety, depression and schizophrenia has a direct connection. To put it simply- Clarity of mind is one of the staggering benefits of quitting weed. Trust me on this- a sheer motivational syndrome is marijuana-induced depression and that’s deadly! Even after smoking weed may be for close to 10 years, one of the main reasons why the severely addicted ones wish to quit is simply to get his mind back. Honestly, as you quit this dangerous weed addiction – you will feel like a whole different and a lot responsive person. No, you won’t be stoned all of the time. In most of the cases people fail to quit weed because they don’t realize what to expect, or hardly develops any plan to follow. Waste no time. Don’t neglect it! Marijuana when taken for medical reason is legal. However, gradually itbecomes an addiction. And without your knowledge even you get addicted to it!
Have you tried to quit before? Well this is one of the easiest marijuana
addiction symptoms to recognize. If you have wished to quit smoking but
just couldn’t combat with your constant desire to smoke, then of course you
are addicted.
Have you neglected the important stuffs to smoke? Well, ask yourself this
question to get an answer on your addiction level. If you have missed pit
your friends party or any other important event to remain at home to smoke
then you are in serious problem. Well that’s it. These are the two basic questions, which will actually help you realize that you’re addicted to marijuana and are facing the common signs and addiction symptoms. Answer the questions honestly and you would be able to figure out that you’re addicted.

Are you sick of being a slave to weed?

Have you tried and failed to quit before?

Do you want to avoid withdrawal when you quit?
Of course accepting the problem and saying yes to quitting is definitely
the very baby step towards quitting marijuana addiction. Trust me on
this, cannabis addicts have a much brighter future waiting for them
if they simply decide to overhaul their lives. You need to believe that
you can do it and then put your mind into it. Certainly, you need to tell
yourself repeatedly that you are better off without the addiction.Come up with a positive plan and believe in yourself. Indeed you can quityour addiction.
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